January is for hibernating and reading.

This January I made a conscious decision to hibernate. Pretend like January wasn’t happening. Like I wasn’t back into the routine of lunch prepping, commuting and other tedious facts of life. Every evening, after the kids had been put to bed, (the eldest of which was always not necessarily actually asleep, using this as a time to be at his most charming, talkative and inquisitive. Nice try, pal, go to bed.) I would get under my own duvet with a book.

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What’s wrong with being comfortable, anyway?

Hello. I haven’t been here for a while. Does that mean I have had no interesting thoughts? Nothing deemed worthy of sharing with the world, or at least the miniscule percentage of it that might stumble upon this blog anyway.
I have had lots of thoughts, of course, most of them maudlin and catastrophic, it is January after all.

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