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Short notes on identity and ambition.

Questions I ponder on sleepless nights and long days: What do I want to do?  Who do I want to be? Who am I? What’s the point? How can I make money?

“I hate my knees.” Body positivity and seasonal angst.

It’s so much easier to love your body in winter. Swathed in knitted jumpers, enveloped in oversized cardigans, legs snuggled into cosy opaques. In Winter , I am happy with my body.

Please like me, I am nice.

I guess you could say I’m a people pleaser. I don’t like confrontation. I’ll take the easy road. It’s always been important to me to feel liked. Should it be?

Belated life lessons of a thirty-something.

This last year has been a great time for my ‘personal growth.’ I do feel a bit gross saying that but there it is.

It’s Over! Lessons in not wearing make up

Finally, finally, let joy be unconfined, finally it is February. The long hard slog that is January has come to an end and with it my self imposed make up ban.

No Make Up January – Update

No Make-Up January

When is a parenting blog not a parenting blog?

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck: Book Review

Feminist Friday: Red Carpet Roulette

Finding Your Voice: Saying Goodbye to the Comfort Zone.

Good for Her! Not for me.