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Complaining about Motherhood is a Feminist act.

Surprise, surprise the Daily Mail published a horribly misogynistic article slamming a number of parenting bloggers who choose to be honest, and possibly a little tongue in cheek, about motherhood as they experience it.

Belated life lessons of a thirty-something.

This last year has been a great time for my ‘personal growth.’ I do feel a bit gross saying that but there it is.

No Make-Up January

On Friendship: Girl gangs, ex-pats and making new friends.

Blogging – Why do we do it?

Blogger’s Block: Or, Has Anyone Seen My Attention Span?

Pictures of the back of my children’s heads.

When is a parenting blog not a parenting blog?

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck: Book Review

Finding Your Voice: Saying Goodbye to the Comfort Zone.

Treat Yo’ Self!

Taking time for self-care, and the changing parameters of treats in a post child world.

Ambition and Mental Health

‘She hadn’t learned to look for the difference yet between what one did and who one was. Hadn’t even known there was a difference.’ (Julia Pierpont, Among the Ten Thousand Things)