the best of times, the worst of times

Some time in September, perhaps it was the second week, the morning skies were a cloud-free blue, and the sun’s light danced on the sea. Perhaps you don’t remember. I remember because on those mornings I drove down to the sea, and swam. I took pictures each time, even though the scene was the same every day, because each time I was amazed anew at … Continue reading the best of times, the worst of times

the time of our lives : short poems on motherhood

I am pleased to say I have published a collection of poems on motherhood, which is now available to purchase. You can buy it , here. The time of our lives is a collection of poems that captures the complexity of motherhood: from the frustrations of the unsolicited opinions of others to the poetic mundanity of an autumnal walk; from the unrecognised strength of the maternal … Continue reading the time of our lives : short poems on motherhood

Affordable childcare is not the only answer

Do you ever feel like all the problems of the world would be solved if only we had affordable childcare? OK, well maybe not all the problems. Do you ever feel like gender equality would definitely be achieved if we all had access to affordable childcare ? This is the message that is presented to us by liberal feminists, mainstream media and neoliberal politicians alike.

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On squeezing joy, happiness and Queer Eye.

There’s a show on Netflix where 5 beautiful men go into someone’s life and breathe love into it. It’s pure and joyful and will make you cry in a way that cleanses your soul. I watched an episode recently where a young widower, now a single father to two young boys, spoke about his late wife. “She squeezed every drop of joy out of life.” I cried for him, and his beautiful wife and children, but really I suppose I was crying for me, in a roundabout way. It made me think, self-obsessed as I am, if I died would anyone be able to say that about me? Am I squeezing the joy out of life?

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I am a mother, and I am.

As I drag my tired body along the landing at 1.52am, muttering angrily about the nightly bed swapping, I feel a wave of guilt for not simply throwing a welcoming arm around my son and ushering him into my bed. As a mother, I am supposed to always put my children’s needs above my own desires. His need for comfort and company at night, is greater than my desire for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. For maternal love is selfless; children have needs which must be met, and mothers only desires which can be cast aside and, if met, have been selfishly pursued.

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Could we try empathising with mothers, instead of judging?

Two stories about mothering in the headlines this week. One on breastfeeding, or rather bottle feeding, based on the news that updated advice from the Royal College of Midwives stresses that new mothers should be given appropriate support if they make an informed decision to bottle feed. The other on ‘working mothers’ and how they’re total slackers in the workplace.

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Making sense of Repeal feels; or trying to.

There’s a quote I’ve repeated to myself many times over the last few weeks, and it comes from an unlikely source. Those of you with young children may be familiar with the cartoon Daniel Tiger, and the wise oracle like figure of his mum. She has a song,

“ Sometimes you feel two feelings at the same time, and that’s OK.”

It has become my mantra.

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