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Feminist Friday

Body Image: Built for use, not decoration.

The recent heatwave has induced a rare wobble in my positive body image.

Treat Yo’ Self!

Taking time for self-care, and the changing parameters of treats in a post child world.

Woman vs Woman

Am I overthinking this?

If I met you in the street, I would have a perfectly normal seeming conversation with you, smile and chat, then we would part and you would not give a moments more consideration to the interaction.

Learning to love pink.

Or, lessons from my daughter.

Ambition and Mental Health

‘She hadn’t learned to look for the difference yet between what one did and who one was. Hadn’t even known there was a difference.’ (Julia Pierpont, Among the Ten Thousand Things)

The first good weekend ?

When will I be a proper grown-up ?

Let’s try again