You don’t need to be in favour of abortion to vote yes to Repeal.

There’s a referendum coming in Ireland, predicted to be on May 25th. You might have heard it being referred to as a referendum on abortion. This is not correct. It is a referendum to repeal an amendment which removes a person’s human rights on pregnancy. You don’t need to be in favour of abortion , to vote yes for Repeal, you need to be in favour of compassion.

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A bed of one’s own: short notes on co-sleeping.

I lie in bed at night, drifting off and hear the feet approaching, steadily pacing along the landing. Shortly after, a small, hot body climbs over me and takes her place between myself and her father. She wedges herself against me, claiming the pillow as entirely hers. It’s funny how a four year old can take up seventy percent of a super-king sized bed.

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What I’ve been reading: Making Babies and Super Sperm

Recently I’ve read two very different pieces of writing, but both of which highlight the importance of being aware of the voices behind the stories which shape our beliefs. One is a book about the early days of motherhood, and the other an academic article analysing the language used to talk about male and female reproductive systems. Stay with me – it’s fun!

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January is for hibernating and reading.

This January I made a conscious decision to hibernate. Pretend like January wasn’t happening. Like I wasn’t back into the routine of lunch prepping, commuting and other tedious facts of life. Every evening, after the kids had been put to bed, (the eldest of which was always not necessarily actually asleep, using this as a time to be at his most charming, talkative and inquisitive. Nice try, pal, go to bed.) I would get under my own duvet with a book.

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What’s wrong with being comfortable, anyway?

Hello. I haven’t been here for a while. Does that mean I have had no interesting thoughts? Nothing deemed worthy of sharing with the world, or at least the miniscule percentage of it that might stumble upon this blog anyway.
I have had lots of thoughts, of course, most of them maudlin and catastrophic, it is January after all.

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BBC Comedy ‘Motherland’ and popular representations of motherhood.

I was going to write a post about the new BBC comedy ‘Motherland’ and its representation of motherhood, because, well that’s right up my street. Then I thought, what’s the bloody point of that? Who is on their edge of their seat waiting for my take on it? But then since we’re all pushing on in an endless sea of pointlessness, I thought I’d crash on anyway.

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