the time of our lives : short poems on motherhood

I am pleased to say I have published a collection of poems on motherhood, which is now available to purchase. You can buy it , here.

The time of our lives is a collection of poems that captures the complexity of motherhood: from the frustrations of the unsolicited opinions of others to the poetic mundanity of an autumnal walk; from the unrecognised strength of the maternal body to the empowering nature of motherhood. This collection is an honest reflection on being a mother, and the often disparate emotions it evokes.

 A mother’s time is oft-interrupted: a baby cries, a laundry cycle finishes, a child demands attention. These poems were written in snatches of time, sometimes sitting on bedroom floors, sometimes whilst CBeebies played in the background, reflecting the importance for mothers of taking stolen moments to make something for themselves. Motherhood is often referred to as a barrier to creativity; in this collection, it is the spark.


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