Event : Raising Feminists for Repeal

On Wednesday 14th March, we will host our fourth Raising Feminists panel with guests Sarah Breen, Sue Jordan and Sinead Redmond. As with all other events, all proceeds will go the the Abortion Rights Campaign.

This time as well as talking about perennial thorns in the feminist parents’ side such as gender stereotypes, we will also consider how to talk about abortion with children. Why is this necessary?

We are just under three months away from a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment. Debate is going to be widespread, unavoidable and not always pleasant. Already billboards with distressing and confusing imagery are appearing around the country. Talking about the eighth amendment, the repeal campaign and the issues surrounding abortion with our children is going to be necessary.

It can be tempting to want to ‘protect’ children from these issues, but if they are seeing these images , hearing snippets of conversations and news stories , its better that we, as parents, address these issues with them head on. And for many of us, it may not be easy, so come along to this discussion and get some advice on how to have these conversations, and ask any questions you might have.

I am delighted that we will have Sinead Redmond from activist group Parents for Choice on the panel , as well as best selling author Sarah Breen, and Sue Jordan, writer, blogger and TV panellist.

You can get your tickets through Eventbrite at this link.

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