What’s wrong with being comfortable, anyway?

Hello. I haven’t been here for a while. Does that mean I have had no interesting thoughts? Nothing deemed worthy of sharing with the world, or at least the miniscule percentage of it that might stumble upon this blog anyway.
I have had lots of thoughts, of course, most of them maudlin and catastrophic, it is January after all.

Oh, January.

Even though we can tell our rational minds that New Year’s Day is just a day like any other, and that there is nothing really that differentiates January from any other winter month, it’s impossible to avoid a degree of maudlin self-reflection in these dark and dreary days.

And it’s not just self-reflection that’s demanded but also the need to for self-improvement and target setting. It’s not really acceptable to look back over the year and decide that you were pretty happy with things all in all, and you can’t identify any areas in need of major of improvement. No! What ever you achieved last year, you must strive for more in 2018. Do more, achieve more, be more. Sounds exhausting at a time when most of us want to pull the duvet over our heads and hibernate until February 1st. Due to a perfect storm of illness, PMT and post-Christmas blues this January I have felt particularly melancholic. I wanted to move slowly and quietly into the New Year with minimal fuss and fanfare.

I have, however, commenced 2018 with a bang and started a new job on 3rd January. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but on reflection, I categorically would not advise starting a new job on 3rd January. I’m on a year long secondment from my normal job. I wanted the change, not because I don’t like my job but because I was too well positioned in my comfort zone. I was just so comfortable. Too comfortable. How can you be too comfortable? Comfort is not a good thing, professionally, so we are told. It’s a good thing for couches, slippers and old pyjama bottoms but professionally you should not be comfortable. You should be challenged. Your job should not be your favourite jumper, slightly pilled and threadbare. It should be a pair of patent leather brogues, which nip slightly and give you blisters on your heel. You need to push yourself, develop , try new things. All of which will likely make you incredibly uncomfortable, unfortunately – but that’s life, eh? No-one ever said it would be comfortable.

In January, though, we want comfort, we crave it. So starting this new job has been against all my natural desires to hibernate and wallow in my misery. But I’m doing it! And like most things, once you’re actually in the door , it’s fine.

New Year, New Job! That’s enough change for now, thank you very much, so no resolutions for me. This January instead of making half-hearted promises to myself that I know , from experience , I have no intention or desire to keep, I’m going to revel in the small things I can do, to make it all more bearable. Maybe even enjoyable.

I’m going to cherish getting into bed at 830pm with a book once the kids are tucked up.
I’m going to eat chocolate biscuits because it’s miserable outside and I’m not getting into a bikini anytime soon. I’m going to remember that life is sometimes tough and I will sometimes feel like shit, regardless of the month. Sometimes it will be January in the midst of summer. But most things are not always, most things are sometimes. Life is like that sometimes. So though I may be feeling downbeat now, sometimes, I know, I will feel joy and hopeful and content.
Sometimes it will be Spring.

6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with being comfortable, anyway?

  1. January is spiteful, I’d like to try to embrace it but I don’t think you can working full-time in the city. All I get is a slight urge to read all the new books and start going to the cinema once a week (as if) but that’s all. Yeah: if comfort zones are OK and not health-endangering, I say what the hell’s wrong with them.


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