Poem: Slow Down

Slow Down:

At some point , lullabies gently whispered
turn to instructions , barked.
The loving laying out of babygrows and blankets
are now reminders to brush your teeth ,
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth.
The love is the same
Isn’t it ?
They still know, they can still tell
That the love is the same.
Can’t they ?
That you’re just tired ,there’s just so much to do
and always, always somewhere to be.
But the love is the same
Though the lullabies are gone.

5 thoughts on “Poem: Slow Down

  1. Heartbreaking and timely reminder. Am snuffling back tears at work after a shitty morning trying to get them out the door and failing to do it without shouting

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  2. Especially when you go into a shitty work environment and wonder why the fuck you bother leaving them to go into a place like that.

    How are you finding juggling work and college and the smallies?

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    1. I hear you. College is OK for the moment in terms of juggling as its mainly a lot of reading, so I squeeze it in wherever I can, not too much actual class time. Essay deadlines are looming tho so it might all change


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