Poem: Slow Down

Slow Down:

At some point , lullabies gently whispered
turn to instructions , barked.
The loving laying out of babygrows and blankets
are now reminders to brush your teeth ,
Brush your teeth, brush your teeth.
The love is the same
Isn’t it ?
They still know, they can still tell
That the love is the same.
Can’t they ?
That you’re just tired ,there’s just so much to do
and always, always somewhere to be.
But the love is the same
Though the lullabies are gone.


  1. The Other Emma · · Reply

    Heartbreaking and timely reminder. Am snuffling back tears at work after a shitty morning trying to get them out the door and failing to do it without shouting

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    1. Mornings are the worst aren’t they ? Sending you sympathy and solidarity


  2. The Other Emma · · Reply

    Especially when you go into a shitty work environment and wonder why the fuck you bother leaving them to go into a place like that.

    How are you finding juggling work and college and the smallies?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I hear you. College is OK for the moment in terms of juggling as its mainly a lot of reading, so I squeeze it in wherever I can, not too much actual class time. Essay deadlines are looming tho so it might all change


  3. Really great poem. My children are grown up now but I remember those times so well.


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