Short notes on catcalling, and how, yes, it is a big deal actually.

An Irish newspaper published some thoughts from the mind of a middle aged man this week on the issue of wolf whistling and cat calling.

I’m not going to call it an article, because it actually reads as random ill thought out musings on the way home from the pub. Fine if it’s a blog post, not so much if it’s a published piece in a national newspaper.
I’m not going to link to it either because, frankly, you deserve better than that. In summary, this middle aged man can’t understand why women can’t just take this as a compliment, as it was intended. He also seems to think that women disliking being catcalled is a new phenomenon, and part of that god awful ‘political correctness gone mad.’

So, just a few notes:

1. It is never a compliment to be whistled at, leered at, or any way shouted at as you are walking down the street.
2. Women are not being humourless spoilsports for disliking this. You think your right to comment on my appearance as I go out my business, is more important than my right not to be objectified. It isn’t.
3. This is not new. Women have always hated this. You don’t like that women feel empowered to call you out on it. Infact it makes you feel shameful, because you know it’s wrong.
4. Teenage girls become adult women fighting with feelings of shame around their bodies because of your inappropriate behaviour. Ask me.
5. Anyone who uses the term ‘political correctness gone mad’ is just disappointed they can’t express their outdated and offensive opinions in the open anymore.


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