Raising Feminists #2 – Mothers, Sons and Fathers

At our first Raising Feminists panel, the conversation organically turned to the raising of feminist daughters. But boys need feminism too.

When I talk about raising feminist children, I mean raising children who are understanding of difference, who are fair and open and kind, who recognise and question inequality.

That’s what feminism means to me, and that’s why it’s as important for our sons as our daughters.

There’s a lot of discussion around the idea of a ‘crisis of masculinity’ – what does this mean and what is the role of feminism in this? Critics might argue that feminism is to blame for the crisis, but in fact the opposite is true. The rigid confines of what society views as the masculine ideal are as damaging to men as the feminine ideal is to women. How can we raise our young boys to challenge these stereotypes and encourage them to be their truest selves, in the same way we are encouraging our daughters?

How do we teach our children that being different is OK – at a time in their lives when fitting in and conforming seems so important?

How can we promote equality and healthy , respectful relationships at the simplest of levels?

How do we teach them to question the messages they are sent by the media, and promote critical thinking?

We’ll discuss all these things and more at our panel discussion in April.  It’s a thoughtful but fun and engaging conversation. You can’t be an expert in either parenting or feminism, so it’s a sharing of ideas and a space to think out loud with a like-minded tribe.

Raising Feminists #2 will take place on Tuesday 4th April at 7pm in the Workman’s Club in Dublin 2.

Get your tickets here: Proceeds go to Abortion Rights Campaign

Meet the panel:

Dil Wickremasinghe, Broadcaster, Mental Health Activist, Social Entrepreneur

Sarah Sproule, Occupational Therapist with Sex Education expertise

Andrew Galvin, Writer

Dr Jemimah Bailey, Lecturer at TCD specialising in fathering and gender roles.

Raising Feminists_#2_v6


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