Pictures of the back of my children’s heads.

Parents are boring.

There was a comment piece in the Irish Times yesterday about how boring parents are for posting pictures of their children all over social media. How we’re all performative show-offs , pretending our lives are wonderful and our children are all unique and fascinating genius’. Not only that, but we are invading our children’s privacy and robbing them of their individuality.

This is beyond condescending; it infantalises parents, mothers in particular. Being a mother is embarrassing – please, keep your children to yourself, or if you really must, limit it to a closed Facebook group of immediate family. The implication running through the piece is that the author is somehow smarter, and cooler, than me because not only does she not post pictures of her kids online but she doesn’t even have kids!  Cool, huh?

I don’t have a baby. I don’t even have a car or chairs or a pension. So speaking not-as-a-mother perhaps I don’t understand the compulsion to constantly bang on about every single thing a child is up to, from the colour of its faeces to the cute thing they just did at their ballet lesson.

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

At the end of the piece, the author asks,

So the next time you reach to upload a photo of your kid, ask yourself why are you doing it, and who are you really doing it for?

OK then: I’m doing it because sometimes my kids are just so cute I want the world to see them. I’m doing it because I’m proud of them.I’m doing it for a community of like-minded people on Instagram,  Twitter, or the blog. I would have thought it’s obvious but I’m certainly not doing it for the comment of a national newspaper.

In terms of privacy, I think we are all conscious of the photos we share online, whatever the subject.  As it happens, most, if not all , of my favourite pictures of my children are of the backs of their heads.

I share them with you, because my children are adorable and I demand that you admire them.


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18 thoughts on “Pictures of the back of my children’s heads.

  1. I love your pictures. As I always say people don’t have to LOOK if they are bored! ! It is like the grumblers who go on about Mam bloggers. They don’t have to read😊even though they must to know ALL about the subject! Good post x

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  2. I had to look her up – she “is particularly interested in popular culture, music, contemporary theatre, online trends, television, feminism and LGBT issues”. SHE COOL. You should do what she says.
    If I had a dog it would be all over Facebook wearing Elizabethan ruffs – I think you, and most of my friends for that matter, are very restrained!


  3. I hate when childless people criticise what parents do. They have 0 experience so their opinion is invalid to me anyway. (bitch)
    Sorry, rant over. I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing #Ablogginggoodtime

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  4. Ugh! I hate this attitude, no one is forcing you to look! What, pray, does she suggest we should be sharing on social media instead? Pictures of our food (Also guilty!) Of lovely Views (Yep that too!) For goodness sake, even more annoying are people who share nothing but their ‘opinions’ on what other people choose to do with their life! Grrrr! The backs of your kid’s heads are adorable by the way! ❤

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  5. Ugh. .why was this even worth writing an article about? It must have been very slow news day that day! If you don’t like looking at pictures of kids posted by their mums then go and look at another instagram account, there’s enough on them. No one is forcing anyone to look at their pictures. I agree with everything you’ve said xx


  6. I’m v keen on back of the head pictures too. I just had my dad telling me I shouldn’t write about difficulties my children are having because I’m going to ruin their future lives. Because when my son wants to be a politician someday they’re going to find the blog post I wrote when he was 4? Whatevs. Another great post from you.

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  7. Pictures of children are bloody adorable. I don’t get negativity like that, especially from someone so far removed from the parenting community (as someone will no children) who has no idea about the emotions and motivations of parents! Keep taking pictures of your adorable kids, I’ll keep admiring their cuteness. Weirdly I actually clicked on this link because I thought ‘oh no! someone complaining about pics of the back of childrens heads!’ (considering my insta account is 90% back of head shots) but I’m happy to see it’s the opposite xx #fortheloveofblog

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  8. OMG I have been dealing with this personally. My dear friend, who doesn’t have children and plans to never have children, wrote a comment on a photo of my son (a beautiful photo may I add) asking why I must take photos of every single thing that he does? His mountain is my baby. What I mean by this is that he takes photos and uploads them of him climbing mountains, his achievement of climbing a mountain is the same as my sons achievement of crawling. My son is apart of my life and I am proud of him so I should not be criticized for posting pictures of him. Also all of my friends and family are back in America so it’s a great way to keep them updated. Now, let’s talk about all those girls posting selfies, isn’t that more annoying than cute baby photos? I am shocked that a newspaper allowed that article to be published, and on top of that she doesn’t even have kids?! No kids, no opinion. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!


  9. I love pictures of the back of people’s heads! It’s like you get to see what they see. Those pictures always make me happy. Anyway, great post! I also share my kid’s pictures because she’s so adorable! But I don’t really have a lot of pictures of the back of her head. She’s only 6 months though, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of those in no time.


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