Let’s try again

The stats on this blog show me that I set this page up two years ago, so as you can see I’m definitely not the kind of person who overthinks and procrastinates to an excessive degree.

If it was two years ago, I had just returned to work after maternity leave with my second child and was contemplating the 30 odd years of work yawning in front of me. I wasn’t as obsessed with being a mother I was the first time around, and was desperate for something to pin my identity on. Whether that be a new job, a new look, new hobby or a new blog. I work as an administrator in a university and am, as a rule, not massively busy and not at all challenged. So very much had the sense that I was wasting my life in a boring job for which I am over-qualified, whilst not having any clue what else I could be doing, nor having the experience or confidence to make a move elsewhere. I spent a lot of time trawling the internet – the Guardian, Twitter, Mumsnet mostly – essentially wasting time, but also trying to piece together who I now was and what I could become.

Two years later I am no further forward – hurrah for me! Well, maybe that’s being a little harsh on myself.  I’ve moved jobs within the same organisation, and am slightly more busy and challenged, but prospects are not what I’d hoped they might be. I’ve completed some short courses to give my CV a boost and found my brain was still able to function to a high degree – I got a Distinction in two of the three courses I completed. I’ve developed an interest in beauty I never had before – I now double cleanse at night, and use facial oils and serums where before I used to wash my face with whatever handsoap had been on offer in Tesco lately (I know). I’ve got an undercut, inspired by Scarlett Johansson. I have reignited by dormant feminism, mostly thanks to the feminist board on Mumsnet. Those women are well-read.

So I have made some changes, small as they might be. Let’s see where I can take them from here.

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